Biblical Hospitality 

Yes, I’m going to ask again:Who are you going to reach out to this week? Who are you going to invite to life with you. 

Seriously, I’m asking! Who?

If you attended IF last weekend…Did you hear the message? Do the small things. Do them. Do them to the glory of God. 

Invite a friend to the park. Or to bring her kids to build a snow fort. Or for a walk on a sunny February day. Invite them in for a sandwich or cup of tea. 
Your house doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need to put real pants on. Yoga pants will do. If you drop by my house, I’m likely to have on my warm slippers and a t-shirt with stained jeans. 
I’ve reached out to a few gals I haven’t spent time with in years. Time listening to their lives. And you know what? A few of them have joined me for a small group Bible study on Monday nights. We are learning truth together from the Bible and from each other. 

These quotes are from “The Simplest Way to Change the World.” Great book. The why’s and how’s of biblical hospitality.

10 thoughts on “Biblical Hospitality 

  1. This one is quite timely. A friend invited us out for lunch after church today. Only the second invite since Amanda went to the father’s house.


  2. Years ago I read “Open Heart, Open Home” by Karen Mains. It changed my life. Yes! Invite others in. We’ve done this for over 20 years-into our messy, less than perfect, saggy couch house. And you know what? No one ever noticed the furnishings or whether or not I had dusted. What they did notice was they were welcome. Always. It truly is the easiest way to change the world.

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