How did he die? Part Two

In an online study group last night we talked about why people ask invasive questions about the cause of death. They often want to know how our loved ones died.

I wrote about this a few years ago. Check out the article.


“It makes me want to shout: “No!!! No, you cannot prevent all accidents. Your child will not always wear a life vest nor will he always be careful not to get in a car with a buzzed driver. I know lots of people who are great parents and yet their child died. More prayer or a better team of doctors or bigger hospital would not have saved our kids. Yes, some of our kids were Christians and they became addicts or alcoholics; your child could become one, too, and if she does, you will love her through the whole horrible thing.”

And I want to shout, “love your child and introduce him to Jesus! Trust God and pray and love your kid. And know that he is not really yours; he was loaned to you for a little while. He is God’s. And God can be trusted with him. No matter what happens. He is a loving, compassionate, gracious God. He loves your kid. In life and in death. And He loves you! Turn to him now!”

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One thought on “How did he die? Part Two

  1. So true Miss Kathleen.
    Our children (my son included, and my daughters still here) are gifts from God to take care of for a little while. I steeped my children in some pretty good Christian beliefs. I taught them to pray. I took them to church. I shared my belief in and love for God with them and my son Still had someone rob him of his life, from our lives. I know God put E-man down here to do good. In the end, things that came about, because of E-man’s murder, have done a lot of good for others down here on earth.
    I miss him so….
    Glad I forced him and his sisters to go to Church.
    And I am glad good has come out of the bad.



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