Books I Read Since Summer

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve posted my reading lists every few months, but beginning last June I haven’t had much time to read. I was spending lots of time writing instead. I read only six books from July through December; however, being home without as much writing to do, I’ve been reading a bunch the past two months! 

I’ve finished nine books in eight weeks. I have seven more that I’m working through. Some of these are ongoing Bible studies which I will write more about when I finish them; others are nonfiction books which cause me to think. For example, I started “Shame Interrupted”  it can only read a few pages at a time. I meditate on those pages for a few days then go back and read some more. I’ll review it when I’ve finished the whole book. 

Here are the six books I read the second half of 2016:

“The Rider of the White Horse” by Rosemary Sutcliff

I enjoy Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical novels. She wrote “Eagle off the Ninth” about a lost Roman legion which was made into a movie. She is one of the authors I turn to when I want an easy read. “The Rider of the White Horse” is about “England’s Civil War as seen through the eyes of Sir Thomas Fairfax and his indomitable wife Anne, who trailed in the wake of his army for three exhausting year…” according to Goodreads. I will be reading this book again in a few years, as I do most of her books.
“Where the Wind Leads” by Vinh Chung

I heard an interview with Vinh Chung on NPR one afternoon. His story fascinated me, so I ordered the book. His was a Chinese family living in Vietnam. This is the true story of the family’s life in Vietnam and their trials as “boat people” twice! before finally settling as refugees in Arkansas. Adjusting to life in America was not east, but Vinh eventually graduated from Harvard Medical School. He is a spokes person for World Vision. You’ll understand why when you read the book. 

This would be a great addition to your child’s high school education and a great read for you as well.

“High Calling” by Evelyn Husband

I met Evelyn Husband last August 13 when she knocked on my door. 

Her sweet daughter Laura performed with our son Andrew in the outdoor musical “TEXAS” for two years. She led a Bible study weekly for the cast and crew each summer. She has been a dear friend since The Accident.

Earlier that week Laura called to ask for a hotel recommendation for her mom who was driving through our town on her way home to Houston.  I offered our guest room and she graciously accepted. 

As Evelyn arrived she realized that day was the anniversary of The Accident. “Thank for letting us stay with you on this day,” were some of the first words Evelyn spoke to me. I loved her for remembering. We stayed up until way after midnight talking about our lives and the shared experience of grief. That was when I learned she had written a book which I immediately downloaded.

The book is a biography of Rick Husband, commander of the space shuttle Columbia. It is story of their courtship and marriage and of Evelyn, Matthew, and Laura in the months after Rick’s death. This book clearly details Rick’s faith journey and his journey to become an astronaut.

I recommend “High Calling” not just because I adore Evelyn, but because it’s a great story.

“Ember Falls” by S.D. Smith

The sequel to “The Green Ember” tells of the continuation of the war…and I really can’t explain the rest. Yes, bunnies are the main characters.

When my daughter suggested I would like a book about war involving rabbits, wolves, and hawks I thought it sounded silly. Yet I’ve enjoyed these books! Well written, fast paced, and fun. Good guys verses bad guys where you don’t always know who is a good guy until the end. Fun read! These two books – “The Green Ember” and “Ember Falls” – are definitely on my “to revisit” list. 

“Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott

This book proports to be instruction on writing. There are ideas on how write, but it’s full of stories of the author’s life as well. I picked it up because a gal recommended it to me. I saw exactly what I needed in the first few chapters of the book. After that I got tired of the cute stories and off color comments. I recommend you pick this one up at the library rather than purchasing it. Or buy a cheap used copy. 

 “Cheaper by the Dozen” by Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and ErnestineGilbreth Carey

True story of their family and especially of their father Frank Gilbreth who was an efficiency expert. Humorous stories of the adventures had by this large family make for fun reading. This is a fun book and an easy read. And by the way, our kids love the old version of the movie with Lucille Ball.

Those are the six books I read the second half of last year. In the next few weeks I’ll post about this quarter’s reading list including…“Nothing to Prove”, “Oregan Trail”, “Twice Freed”,  “Tell Someone….” and more.

Please tell me about book you enjoy. Do you have any recommendations?

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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