Underlying Sadness 

In grief support groups, parents often speak of an unending sadness. They say no matter what they do, even when they appear to others to be happy, they are sad under all the smiles and laughter. 

In my life, I would describe the feeling more as a longing, not sadness. 

In my life, in great part because of my faith, I have true joy! I have peace! I have found healing after our many losses, including the death of our son.  

My life is good, yet I have a longing. I am content, yet eager for the days to come.

I long to see my loved ones again. I long to be in the presence of Jesus. I long to be in heaven. I long to be Home where there is no more tears, no more sorrow, no more sickness. Where we will all be whole and we will all see clearly.

This earth is not my home. I am a stranger here. Our citizenship is in Heaven and I eagerly await our Savior’s return. 

When I’m on vacation or traveling, I can enjoy the things we do and see. I have a wonderful time. But it’s not home. I’m always glad to get home. 

We can live a full and joy-filled life on Earth even while we long for the day when we will be Home in Heaven. When we will join our loved ones before the throne of God.

I long to be Home. And I long to know more about Heaven now. 

Since the loss of many I love I am more aware of Heaven. I notice each reference to eternity in songs and sermons. I search scriptures for information about Heaven and life after our earthly death. I want to learn more about what Heaven is like. I want to be there!

It’s been more than three and a half years since The Accident. I wouldn’t say there is an underlying sadness in my life. But there is a longing to see Jesus face to face. 

I long to be Home. 

I long to be home with the Lord, to be in Heaven. 

Yet I have work to do here, good works which God prepared in advance for me to do. GOOD WORKS! 

We can enjoy the good works God has for us on Earth even while we grieve our losses. 

God is with us and will never leave us or forsake us. His Holy Spirit is IN each believer! He will guide us, teach us, and comfort us as we do the work He has for us to do. 

I choose joy as I live on Earth. Will you?

Let us press on to take hold of the prize set before us. Let us run our race and finish strong so we, too, may hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

5 thoughts on “Underlying Sadness 

  1. “Longing” is the word I was hunting for a couple of weeks ago when I was asked how I feel at times. Sadness, emptiness are others. It rotates between them. It still hits me hard at times. Thank you for your continued blogs. I find them: healing.

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