2 thoughts on “Love a Grieving Friend

  1. Oh, how nice it is to be asked this! I have too many wonderful memories to be able to pick a favorite, but the one that comes to mind just now: Our son always waved to me before getting into the car to go somewhere. He would look back at the house at me and execute some of the most imaginative waves you can think of – some with both hands, some with a blown kiss thrown in. I don’t think he ever forgot to wave good bye to me. I always made a point of going to the window to “catch the wave”. I didn’t go on the night he left us for Heaven because I was busy wrapping his birthday presents (for his birthday the next day) and I wanted to be done before he got back, so I missed out on the last wave. He was gone a few minutes later. But, I wave now – every day. Even if he can’t see me, maybe the Lord will tell him for me. Thank you for asking!

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