Twelve Things I’m Grateful For On the 12th

I am thankful for alarms and warnings. 

  1. Stop sign
  2. Flashing yellow lights
  3. Beeping smoke detector when it’s time to change the battery
  4. Alarm clock 
  5. Railroad crossing gates
  6. “Sharp Curve Ahead”
  7. “Watch for Falling Rock”
  8. Check Engine Lights
  9. Fuel gage
  10. Home Alarm System
  11. Storm Warnings
  12. Biblical warning regarding future events

What are you grateful for?

The Accident was on August 12, 2013. For months the 12th brought me to tears. Then, about a year later, I decided to choose gratitude and healing rather than sorrow. Thus “Twelve Things I am Thankful for on the 12th”

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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