Your past does not determine your future. 

We as humans have the ability to make new choices, to change our behaviors, to set a new course for our lives. 

Today. This day. Right now. You can choose to start over. 

But we need help changing our ways. We need help from a “higher power” to change. 

God is that higher power.  

God is loving and kind. He is full of mercy and good fruit. 

Talk to Him today. Tell Him what’s going on in your life, in your mind, in your heart. Tell Him about the junk on your life. He knows about it already and loves you still. 

He can and will help you change. 

God can take all your past, your junk, and make you into the image of His Son. He can give you a new nature, a new future, and a new life. An eternal life. 

Today can be the first day of your eternal life. 

Are you willing? Are you willing to give up your junk, your pain, your confusion, your anger? 

If so, God is willing. Talk to Him. He’s listening. 


4 thoughts on “New

  1. It’s all about focus : if you focus only on your grief, it will grow larger. If you put your trust in faith in the Lord, He will grow larger. Not to say you won’t grieve or that you don’t need to, but the Lord will heal if you want it.

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