Being a Theatre Mom 

I’m keeping a couple of girls (10 & 13) for a few weeks while their parents take their little sister to get her service dog. Just having young girls at the house after years of empty nest is tiring but fun. I also had a military couple with eight-month-old twins staying here this week. They were in town to house hunt in preparation for moving here next month. I miss having all my kids here.

Lots of fun. Yet exhausting.

I’m tired.

One of the girls is in Willy Wonka at the community theatre where our sons and youngest daughter performed in dozens of plays. Last Saturday was opening day. I spent the day at the theatre. So many memories. Andrew played Mr. Bucket ten years ago. Peter played Grandpa George. I spent hours at that theatre! Some of the props used in this show I collected/created for shows they were in. 

Great memories! Yet sad.

I’m tired. 

I watched the 2:00 show. I stayed in the lobby opening night. Last Saturday night during the show I talked to a gal about Jesus and trusting God in our grief. (She’d lost both parents recently.) 

Great conversation. Yet sad because of why I know so much about scripture relating to grief.

I’m tired.

Good night.

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