How I have been thinking lately

I wrote this about a year after The Accident. I was feeling depressed and thinking ugly thoughts, so I chose to speak truth to my soul.

The last week I’ve had similar thoughts. Again I’ve chosen to speak truth to my soul.

Will you? Will you speak truth to your soul today?


Anyone else ever think like this?

I have been thinking this way too often over the past few months and days:

This is hard. I’m tired. I don’t want to think or suffer anymore. The world is ugly and getting uglier.

I am tired of people hurting the ones I love. I am tired of those I love hurting each other. I am tired of hurting.

I miss the ones who have gone before me — Those who lived a long life and saw their grandchildren grow and play as well as those who were taken way too soon for my liking. I want to be withthem and to be in heaven with Christ.

Come, Lord Jesus! Come quickly!

Or just take me out so I don’t have to deal with this stuff and these people anymore!!!!

Have you had those same thoughts and feeling?

Rejoicing daily, walking in…

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4 thoughts on “How I have been thinking lately

  1. Yes, I feel that way often, even though not currently with the same struggles with those living. Even when all is at peace with the living and the world looks beautiful, I miss him terribly and long to be done and with him.

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  2. I hear you, Kathleen. I’m not grieving the death of a beloved child, but there are other ways to grieve. Relationships can be both a blessing and a curse. And yes, sometimes you just get tired.

    “Come unto Me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. . .”

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    • We all grieve at times in our lives. We may be grieving the loss of a friend or family member, a lost dream, a lost job, or one of many other losses. It’s easy to give up, to listen to the lies of the enemy. And you are right, sometimes it’s not Grief but exhaustion that gets us down.

      I’m grateful I can run to the cross when I don’t feel like taking another step.

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