Friday. Ramblings. 

Friday. Ramblings. 

How y’all doing?

I’m wanting cookies but don’t want to have to see people. Or put on real clothes. I’m thinking I’ll use the Walmart pickup service and buy $30 worth of chocolate chips for baking and Oreo cookies. (That’s the minimum.) And maybe some ice cream.  I can do that in my t-shirt, yoga pants, and slippers. 

I miss having my kids home. They were always glad to run to the store for me. They’d get somethings not on my list as well. That was okay. A fair exchange for running mom’s errands. 

I miss being able to call Andrew. He was always good for a long talk on a rainy day.

Adam calls almost every day. (He’s moving close to home next week! After living 18 hours away the past five years!)

Ron’s gone this week. I took him to airport at 4 this morning. So I’ve got the house to myself this weekend. 

Changes I’ve seen in myself since The Accident:

  • I don’t like seeing people or going out in public. It saps my energy. (I’m usually glad once I do go.)
  • I avoid shopping. Nothing seems necessary any more. I don’t like to waste money on trivial things. 
  • I love being home. Peaceful. 
  • I love quiet. Again. It’s peaceful. And safe. 

I’m not depressed. I just don’t like all the small talk. I find most folks don’t want to talk about the deep stuff. 

Anyway, I’m just wondering how you are doing. How are you today?

I’m having an alone, rain day. Nap is on the schedule for later. And reading a good book. 

Mother’s Day is over. Graduations and proms have happened. Summer is about to start. 

So, I have a few questions. What are you doing to help yourself (and your family) heal? What steps have you taken towards recovery? What are you planning to do this weekend to help yourself and those around you? And to glorify Jesus? Anything fun and festive planned? Are you reaching out to make a new friend or deepen existing relationships?

This picture is just fun. 

6 thoughts on “Friday. Ramblings. 

  1. It sounds to me like you are making good use of the quiet time. Thinking, contemplating, taking stock–often those get pushed to the low rung of the ladder, but they’re necessary and good in their way.

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  2. I totally understand you wanting to stay inside, in your peaceful home, safe. It’s easier than dealing with rude people on the road, in the store, in front of you and behind you in the check-out lines. I am there too. My husband doesn’t understand why I don’t want to “get out and do something.” I live 2 miles from the beach but haven’t been there since August of last year. I sweat in 90* weather all day, I don’t want to go out for a walk and PROFUSELY SWEAT!!!!! lol I choose take-out more often than I should or can afford because I don’t want to go shopping, cook and clean-up. Take out is so much simpler and quicker. The summer of 2015 was earth-shattering for me. I do not ever want to relive the newness of marriage, the newness of a relationship, the newness of a husband addicted to opiads, the newness of drug addictdion and being in love with someone who is caught in that snare, the newness of a position in my old job away from my colleagues and friends of 13 years. It has been an emotional struggle to keep my head above the water, yet Jesus called me out of the boat, into the deep, “where my trust is without borders.” Last fall, I found a NEW church too and my life has blossomed beautifully once again and all the newness of 2015 was put into perspective and I have people who hug me when they see me and want to eat with me and listen to my story and hear my pain of walking out my faith. It’s been such a blessing to enter a body and come along side of ladies like myself who struggle, not with my same struggles but have been through STUFF. We got together to watch the movie “WAR ROOM” the other Friday night and had an indoor picnic and were called to The Privilege of Prayer. Tonight is our first meeting to explore this Privilege of Prayer together. I am going. That’s my Friday from South Florida.

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