Last MI Days

This weekend has been full of tears. And I’m not even the one saying goodbye!

Our son Adam coaches gymnastics. He’s worked at an amazing gym in Michigan the past five years but is moving to Texas next week. 

Today is his last day coaching in Michigan. His last weekend with kids he has poured into and taught so much these five years. 

He will be coaching at World Olympic Gymnastics Academy, known as WOGA, in Frisco. Just a couple of hours from us! I’m excited he will be close and proud of the man he’s become.  

I’ve gotten messages from moms in Michigan telling me what an amazing coach he is. And, more importantly, what a great man he is. Kind, encouraging, steady. The girls and their parents adore our son. They will miss him dearly. Reading these messages makes me proud. And makes me cry. 

Our kids have two very flawed parents. We have many mistakes. We had to say, “I’m sorry” and make amends often. It’s great to see a child who struggled – they all do in their own way – it’s great to see a child turn into a fine adult. 

I’m grateful for the man he’s become. And grateful I can have lunch with him every Wednesday. He doesn’t know about that plan yet. Shhh! Don’t tell him. I’ll surprise him by showing up his first day at work. Isn’t that what every man wants? His momma to bring him lunch his first day on the job?

One of the Michigan moms put together a touching video of Adam coaching her daughter. A going away gift. Yes, I cried while watching this

The video features Adam singing and playing his ukulele. 

You can watch and listen here: It’s worth three minutes of your time. 

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