Stepping Heavenward Quote

I’m reading “Stepping Heavenward” a novel about a young woman growing up in the 1800’s. It is written as a diary chronicling her life and walk with God, including struggles. She wrote the following about her sickly infant girl.

MAY 1.—My delicate little Una’s first birth day. Thank God for sparing her to us a year. If He should take her away I should still rejoice that this life was mingled with ours, and has influenced them. Yes, even an unconscious infant is an ever felt influence in the household: what an amazing thought! I have given this precious little one away to her Saviour and to mine; living or dying, she is His.

It caused me to think about so many of my friends who lost infants. They are, as all our children truly are, His. We get them only for a little while. 

Even an infant born into the arms of Jesus, who never took a breath outside its momma’s womb, influenced its family. Many such babies have influenced scores of people, including me. I am grateful they lived. I believe they now live in the presence of Christ.

I’m only about halfway through the book but am enjoying it. Katy, the main character, struggles honestly with her faith and her own sin.  I’m convicted and encouraged each time I sit down to read. 

But I caution you to choose your eBook wisely.  The version I bought is an eBook that was not carefully scanned. There are many errors with strange characters in place of letters on almost every page. It was cheap and I can overlook the errors, but I’d rather not have to. 

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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