Help a Stranger 

It’s not hard to help strangers. 

Earlier today I was in Target with our son Adam. A 15 month old was throwing a fit as his parents tried various shoes on him. We’d heard him yelling for a while. 

As we walked past the shoe aisle, I smiled at him and said, “Hi, buddy!” He immediately stopped yelling and smiled at me. The distraction of a stranger’s smile captured his attention. 

I squatted down and kept talking to him from about five feet away. He smiled at me the whole time. I talked a little to his parents as well. Mom and dad were able to find a perfect pair of shoes for the little guy. 

It was so easy to make a difference! My son and husband patiently waited a couple of aisles over. Having raised seven kids I know what a challenge shoe shopping can be!

This couple was at least 25 years younger than me. They didn’t look like me. English was not their first language. They were being patient and determined. But they were clearly struggling and I could help.

This took maybe three or four minutes of my time. And it helped them get the job done much faster. 

Take time to help instead of criticize. When you see a stranger struggling, help them. They don’t need you to judge them; they may need you to help them. And that help may not be out of your reach.

We can all take time to smile at others. Such  a simple thing that can make a huge difference!

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