One Nation Under God?

I was reading about the shooting this morning in DC. Congressmen and aides playing ball. Shot. Because they belonged to a different party than the shooter.

Please don’t blame this solely on mental illness or on guns. This was caused by evil and hate.

I know many with guns who would never do such a thing. They would never shoot innocent men and women simply because they have different political views. Or for any other reason. 

I know many with mental illness who don’t hate others; they do not ever think of hurting others. Blaming these kinds of things solely on mental illness helps propagate false narratives of people suffering from mental illness. They are not all crazy nor are they likely to go off on a killing rampage any minute. They do not all plan mass murders or attacks on innocents. Blaming this type of thing solely on mental illness keeps in place yet another stigma against admitting one has mental illness, possibly preventing them from seeking medical help. But I digress. 

This act of violence was caused by HATE.

All early reports indicate the perpetrator was on a mission of hate to kill those whose political beliefs were different from his. 

It matters not who the victims were. I’d be just as outraged if the victims had all been democrats, socialists, Muslims, Jews, or Irish. 

When a human has hate towards an entire group of people simply because they think or look or dress or act differently than they do, it is just wrong. When that person acts on their hate to purposefully and violently attack innocent men and women we should be outraged. All of us. Democrat, republican, Green Party, independent. Black and white. Men and women. Conservative and progressive. We should all be outraged. All of us.

The truth is if we celebrate because it’s the other guys this time, it will be us next. None of us is safe in a world where violence stemming from hate is not immediately and completely condemned. We are called to love not only our brothers and our neighbors but our enemies as well. 

Today I am praying for our nation to live up to label “One nation under God” once again.


Have mercy on our nation. Convict each of us of our part in this hate. Lead us to repentance that leads to life and peace.

May we keep our tongues from speaking lies and hate. May we keep our fingers from typing words that promote anger, rage, and hate. May we instead love our brothers and our enemies.

May we set our minds on things above, higher things. May we each promote love and kindness and peace in our lives and in the lives of those around us. 

May we each take time to listen to those who speak and act and live differently than we do. May we strive to understand those with a different point of view. 

May we love our neighbors today. May we love those on the opposite politely spectrum today. And every day. 

Lord, help us to be one nation under You rather than a nation divided by hate towards our fellow man.


One thought on “One Nation Under God?

  1. Thank you Miss Kathleen ~
    What you say is true.
    Most with Gun owners don’t shoot innocent.
    Most with Mental illness are not haters and they will not harm others.
    Guns don’t kill; it is the finger on that trigger and them hateful, in this example, person whom that finger is attached.
    It seems this shooter was not mentally ill either. Just filled with hate and a desire to take it out on someone (many someones it seems).

    NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


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