I wrote this just two years after The Accident. It’s been almost four years now. I continue to live, to heal, and to recover. Healing, even from deep grief, is possible with Christ.

A gal commented on something I posted yesterday.

She was trying to tell me that I cannot really be okay, not yet. She was responding to my articles “Healing” and “Dream”.

She said I might be okay…some day. But I cannot be okay yet. It’s only been two years.

According to her, some day I will “wake up” and realize that I was not actually okay, but was in a sleep-like state for years. I would see that I had not really been functioning or living. This “sleep” will be God’s way of protecting me from all the pain. She knows this is what I will experience because it’s what she experienced. She was in a sleep-like state in her grief. She “woke up” six years after her daughter’s death. She said she prays that I have more “sleep” and rest….

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2 thoughts on “Unique

  1. I hardly know what to say. Obviously this poor lady had a very long grieving period. But there are no rules about grieving, no mandated period of time that must pass before you’re allowed to “wake up.”

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