Interesting Book Quote 

Can you guess who wrote this? Can you guess when it was written?

I hope you don’t think I am being arrogant or overly harsh on cultural Christians. Look at the facts. Do cultural Christians view Christian faith as important enough to make it a priority when teaching teaching their children what they believe and why they believe it? Or do they place greater emphasis on their children getting a good education than on learning about the things of God? Would they be embarrassed if their children did not possess the former while basically being indifferent about the latter? If their children have any understanding of Christian faith at all, they probably have acquired it on their own. If the children view themselves as Christians, it is probably not because they have studied the facts and come to a point of intellectual conviction but because their family is Christian, so they believe they must be Christians also. 

The problem with this way of thinking is that authentic faith cannot be inherited. When Christianity is viewed in this way, intelligent and energetic young men and women will undoubtedly reach a point where they question the truth of Christianity and, when challenged, will abandon this “inherited” faith that they cannot defend. They might begin to associate with peers who are unbelievers. In this company, they will find themselves unable to intelligently respond to objections to Christianity with which they are confronted. Had they really known what they believe and why they believe it, these kinds of encounters would not shake their faith one bit. 

I fear for the future of authentic faith in our country. We live in a time when the common man in our country is thoroughly influenced by the current climate in which the cultural and educational elite propagates an anti-Christian message. We should take a look at what has happened in France and learn a lesson from it. In that country, Christianity has been successfully attacked and marginalized by these same groups because those who professed belief were unable to defend the faith from attack, even though its attackers’ arguments were deeply flawed. We should be alarmed that instruction in authentic faith has been neglected, if not altogether eliminated, in our schools and universities.

It could have been written this year…or ten years ago.

It was actually written in 1797 by William Wilberforce. 

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, the Christianity of France colluded with a corrupt government – putting it’s hypocrisy on display as the strange bedfellows that they were. France was hungry – not just for a genuine Christianity, but true freedom and laid the foundation for the freedoms we know as a democracy – but they also were the first to see feminism rise up – in a place and time where women were nobodies with nothing – that’s because of the church. The only way to set things to right is to reset the church and disentangle it as an ally of the government. Only when it’s free from it’s bondage will believers be truly free to follow his or her conscience.

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