The first weeks I sat and looked at pictures and cried. It was good for me. 

Then I got to the point where his pictures made me smile and even laugh. 

Over time the pictures didn’t seem to affect me much. They just were. 

The past couple of weeks I can’t stand to see his pictures. They bring on waves of sadness and grief, so I don’t look at them. Especially late at night. 

In the next few weeks or months I’ll want to look at his pictures again, and smile. 

My point is: Things change. 

Where you are in your grief and recovery right now is not where you’ll be in six days or six months or six years. Don’t give in to the feelings of hopelessness. Christ is our hope! He will always be with us, helping us, comforting us, lead us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Trust Him.

Until our reunion in heaven, we have good works to do. Good works God prepared in advance for us to do. (Eph 2:10) Let us do them with hope. 

Note: The Accident was four years ago in August.

2 thoughts on “Photos

    • Sometimes I understand. (This past couple of weeks his friends have been posting 4th of July pics.) Other times I face no idea; it just hits me.

      Yes, it is the grace of God that gets us through one day at a time.

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