Stop Hacking

This weekend a private message about not accepting private messages or friend requests from Jaydon Smith was going around Facebook. Why would I accept a friend request from that man? I don’t know him!  But thanks for the warning. 

The warning was nonsense. It’s an old spam thing. None of my friends who shared it took the 30 seconds to research it before sending the message on. Don’t be foolish! Research things before sharing. Help stop this stuff! And help stop hackers by not sharing junk like this!

I’m not an IT expert. But here are a few ways to stop/prevent being hacked. Any of my IT friends, please comment or share other things we should do. If you have post on the topic, please share a link in the comments. 

You can help stop hacking by doing the following:

1. Change your password frequently. 

2. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know. 

3. Don’t share or “Copy and paste” posts about winning an RV, Disney cruise, $75 coupon, or free plane tickets! These are all fake!! (Look at the Profile. Often the post is the only one they have, they joined FB in the past year or month, the grammar is off, or it seems too good to be true.) Not only does sharing these help hackers, posting them makes you look foolish. 

4. Don’t share stories about being followed through a store or other sensationalist stories without first checking them out. (Try or If the person posting has no friends, joined FB in the past year, had no other posts, IT’S FAKE! So many stories are “urban legends” designed to scare people or help hackers. Please, do your research!

5. Don’t ever pass on chain posts or chain private messages such as the one going around now about Jaydon Smith. (Will Smith’s son’s name, by the way.)

6. Before sharing a post about a lost child or missing person, check it out! Google it. Look at the date of the post; if it’s more than a week old, check to see if it’s real or if the person has been found.

7. Facebook Quizzes. Don’t take these quizzes. If you take a quiz, before you “Sign on with Facebook” look for the tiny “Edit”m click on it and uncheck Email Address, Friends List, and other items not needed for the quiz. Quizzes are a huge source of SPAM email.

8. If you do take a Facebook quiz..After you take the quiz, go to Settings, Apps, Logged on with Facebook and delete the app so it no longer gets info from your page.

2 thoughts on “Stop Hacking

  1. I think the most important thing we can do is simply not accept friend requests from people we don’t know. It’s just silly to do such a thing. The other day I got a friend request from a man I don’t know, but his page showed that he was friends with a friend of mine. So I messaged my friend, and she doesn’t know the guy and wanted to know how to block him. I helped her with that and deleted his friend request. It took just a few minutes to avoid what could have been a huge problem. So even if someone’s claim is that he is friends with your friends, be careful. You are under no obligation whatsoever to be “nice” to these people. Believe me, their motives toward you are NOT nice!

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