Love Bible Project

I’ve started loving Bibles to give away. Some folks you could love a Bible for:

  • A woman who chose life
  • A women recovering from abortion 
  • A guy in recovery
  • A parent grieving the loss of a child
  • A family member who doesn’t yet know the Lord
  • A veteran struggling with memories 
  • A single friend
  • A college student
  • A homeless person 
  • Someone who’s grateful 
  • Someone who’s angry
  • Someone who’s depressed 
  • Someone who’s ill
  • Someone who’s getting married
  • Someone with mental illness
  • Your friend 
  • Your daughter
  • Your mom 
  • Your uncle
  • Or even yourself

To learn more about how to love a Bible, visit

2 thoughts on “Love Bible Project

    • The 4×6 inch ESV Bibles I use are $5 or $6 at many Christian book stores and Hobby Lobby. I watch for sales. I use colored pencils to mark verses and sticky notes as bookmarks.

      I don’t spend much money.

      I don’t use fancy stickers, fabric, washi tape, or other elements.

      The Word is powerful!


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