Help in a Beautiful Way. And a hair cut.

I shared with a group about how our Life Group was helping a family whose husband/daddy is deployed. 

I took a signup sheet to class Sunday hoping we could get help mowing the lawn for them. I was hoping at least some of the weeks from July through September would be taken by volunteers. Ron and I planned to fill in as needed. 

Within ten minutes all spots were taken. We had to add weeks into October to make space for every family who wanted to help. 

Each family will take less than half a day out of four months to drive to this family's home, mow the front and back yard, and drive home. Less than half a day per family. To bless the family of an airman serving in the Middle Easy. Beautiful!

When I shared how pleased I was with my classes response, one friend commented, 

I remember one deployment growing up, my brother refused to get a hair cut. Boys did NOT go to the salon, he would not do it. My dad was coming home around Easter and one of the ushers at church commented on his hair and getting a haircut for Easter. My brother said "nope. Dad and I do that". The next weekend, said usher picked up my brother and off they went to the barber shop. 

Most of the time it's the seemingly little things that bless a family the most. What a beautiful way to serve that family!!!

Yes, it's the little things that add up over time to bless the socks off our military families. 

This particular family has four young daughters, two with special needs. Not having to deal with lawn care while dad is gone will make life easier. Each family doing a small thing adds up to huge blessings!

Oh, and a Bible study I'm a part of is  collecting gas cards to help with transportation. I'll be helping pick the girls up from various activities, but they don't know all the ladies in their momma's class. So the gals are helping in a small way, yet it, too, will make a huge difference. 

What small thing can you do for a military family today?

If you are a military family, what things helped you most?

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