I was working out the other day. I was working out with a trainer who knows much more about exercise than I do. Why? Because she has experience, strength, and hope. She’s teaching me a program of weight training. She shows me the way to get stronger. One day at a time. Step by step. I’m getting stronger. 

And I got to thinking…

Why do we in the church not understand the need for for someone with an issue such as addiction to get help from a program?

I needed a program to get stronger.

Yes, I study the Bible, go the church, and pray. Yet I cannot learn how to deadlift, bench press, or back squat in the Bible or at church services. 

If I want to get stronger, I need help. I need help from someone who’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt and is willing to help me by walking beside me. So I work a program, and I listen to a friend who shares her experience, strength, and hope with me. And I get stronger. 

Many in the church go to a trainer to help them get physically stronger. 

Or an experienced accountant for financial help. 

Or weight Watchers or Nutrition Weight Center for help with losing weight (for their addiction to poor eating habits).

You say it’s great that someone in financial trouble gets helps from an experienced guy and starts a program of financial recovery. You’re encouraging when someone joins Weight Watchers and begins an eating program to lose weight. You cheer me on when I work a program of weightlifting with a trainer to get stronger. 

Why do you judge those Christians who have found hope and recovery in a 12-Step program?

If all that “those addicts and alcoholics” need in order to stop using drugs or alcohol (and to find recovery) is yet another church service or Bible verse, then why can’t you church people lose that extra twenty five pounds you’ve been carrying around for the past ten years, or get your finances in order, or run a marathon simply by going to church or reading another Bible verse?

Please tell me why it’s okay to seek help from “secular” programs in other areas of our lives but to join a 12-step program to overcome addiction is unacceptable?

Maybe I need to put on headphones and start listening to music while I lift instead of thinking.

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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