Wilberforce, Again

I continue to read this book by William Wilberforce, a few pages at a time. Then I stop to think. For a long time about what I’ve read. He keeps getting all up in my business. Maybe I should stop reading this book.

Hers what I’m thinking about today. We just talked about some if this in our study of Galatians five the past two evenings.

Authentic faith works to keep the eternal in focus. This kind of attitude contrasts sharply with that of nominal Christians who are almost entirely preoccupied with the concerns of this world. Even though they know in their minds that life is fleeting, this information does not penetrate their hearts. Contrast these individuals with the Christians who keep a steady focus on the things that are really important to God. They have a sense of perspective that enables them to handle the uncertainties of life with a sense of dignified composure. They are comfortable enough with themselves to be able to reach out to serve others.

But this is not all. One other significant difference between nominal Christians and real Christians is the spirit in which they act in relationship to even the external things. Nominal Christians often do the correct external action, but rarely without some sense of deprivation or duty. Authentic believers recognize how the external demands of Christianity are expressions of the love of God. They are able to live obediently with a sense of willing, even joyful, action. That is not to say they do not need support and encouragement or that they don’t need to keep their thinking renewed. They know that without such vigilance, they are prone to having the former objects of their desire resume their influence. They keep guard over their hearts and minds and work at increasing their knowledge and love of heavenly things.

~ William Wilberforce

4 thoughts on “Wilberforce, Again

  1. My thoughts… I would appreciate this author’s writings. The more we allow this Word to penetrate our hearts, the truer it becomes. Our family is working through EXPERIENCING GOD by Henry Blackaby and it too is extremely challenging. Over the years the Holy Spirit has reminded me of my decision as a young single mother to totally give God ALL. And these authors have produced yet another reminder. A truly deeper walk each day God will follow as you peruse the reading. Don’t give up. Just keep chewing and seeking God’s revelation of what He is asking of you. Dig in, Sister!!!

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