Romance Novels

I posted books I have read the past few months. In that post I said I don't like horror or romance novels.

A friend asked why I don't like romance novels.

For me, they lead to sin. Reading a romance novel can cause me to become unhappy with my own marriage.

True romance novels filled with man meets woman and sweeps her off her feet, they make love/have sex (sometimes with details), and have whirlwind relationship that leads to marriage or more sex…these are porn for women.

Women aren't turned on by sight like men are, but by romance and kind words. Emotional attachment turns women on.

Books and movies that show an unrealistic view of romance, sex, and marriage are like porn. They can cause us to become disenchanted and dissatisfied with our own marriage. They can cause us to want something other than what or who we have. I don't need that in my life.

My husband is my head, my provider, my lover, my friend. I am his helpmate, his lover, his cheerleader, his friend. We are each other's confidante, listening ear, helper, supporter, and partner. Wrinkles, scars, and all. We submit to one study out of reverence for Christ. I submit to him and respect him. He loves and protects me. We have a great marriage.

God provides for me through Ron, no one else. Setting my mind on truth and thinking about my man is good for me.

Thinking about or reading about or watching other romantic men is not good for me. It can lead to sin. So I avoid romance novels and movies/TV shows with sex and lots of romance.

I choose to be grateful for and satisfied with my husband.

Top is at our wedding reception. 34 years ago. Bottom is last fall. A lot of gray and many more wrinkles. But still in love.

2 thoughts on “Romance Novels

  1. Amen. I used to read them then felt so convicted that I promised God I would stop. Then came the Christian romance novels. Nope, not worth it. They are basically the same as the secular without the sex scenes.
    Thank you for addressing this.

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