Dear Momma Who’s Feeling Not Enough

Dear momma who’s feeling like you’re not enough,

You are.

You are enough.

Or rather, God in you is enough.

When you see another mom post everyday on social media about everything she did with her children, making everyday at her house seem unbelievably organized, perfect, and exciting, and her children seem unbelievably amazing…and you feel like you are not enough…like you could never be enough…

Maybe it seems unbelievably amazing because things may not have happened exactly the way she presents them on social media. Maybe her life is not that organized or exciting. Maybe her family is not practically perfect in every way.

She may have left a few things off. Like tears, disobedience, rebellion, and a little bit of pride. I mean in her, not the kids.

And then there’s the kids.

Maybe they don’t always have great attitudes. Maybe they don’t always complete every assignment or joyfully help around the house. Maybe they see things in their family very differently than she presents them on Facebook.

She may have embellished a bit. It may not be all peaches and cream.


Maybe her children are not all that and a bag of chips.


Maybe her husband isn’t as perfect as he seems on social media.

But maybe, just maybe, her students do wake up happy, make their beds and clean the house before feeding the animals and fixing breakfast. All before 7:00 am. Maybe her kids do every assignment – in pen – neatly without complaint. Maybe they do know all their spelling words. Maybe they never fight with their siblings. And maybe her husband is very helpful with housework and school and brings her flowers each evening.

But you know what? That’s not your house. It’s not your family. They are not your kids.

God gave you your house, your family, your kids.

He will equip YOU to teach and love YOUR family the way that is best for YOU.

So stop comparing. Stop trying to be someone else. Stop trying to do school or marriage or life exactly like that other family.

Be you. Enjoy your kids being your kids. Love your spouse. Serve God. Do what He shows you and your spouse to do without comparing your family to that other family.

Especially stop comparing the family you live with day in and day out with the view of that other family you get only from social media. Stop comparing your insides to their outsides.



6 thoughts on “Dear Momma Who’s Feeling Not Enough

  1. Sometimes I think the internet is crushing (or certainly could be capable of crushing) us mere mortal, not Pinterest-perfect moms. My oldest child is 13, which means he was born before social media made parenting the competitive sport it can feel like. I’m wrong as often or more than I’m right as a parent, I imagine, and I’m also guilty of glossing a little on FB, where I’m mostly bright & shiny; my blog is where the ugly truth is revealed. Why does the blog outlet seem more OK, more safe? Thanks for this post–a good reminder for us all.

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    • I think blogs don’t attract as many angry comments. It feels safer to be honest about our lives. I’ve gotten many comments that said thanks for being real.

      I don’t share the ugly about others in my family; their stories are not mine to share. But I’m rarely raw and honest about me. If I don’t post for a while, it’s usually because I’m in too dark of a place and don’t want to pull others in.


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