New Old SUV

What did we do today? It’s a long story. I’ll try to make it short.

The Story of the New Old SUV

Early Spring.
Dad needed new car.

College Girl had old car.
College Girl needed different car.
Mom bought new old car for College Girl.
College Girl smiled.

Mom towed old old car home.
Old old car needed work.
Freddy fixed old old car.
Old old car was like newer.
Mom smiled.
Freddy smiled.

Dad drove like-newer old car to work each day.
Dad liked driving like-newer old car.
Dad smiled.

Months later…

Older girl had older car.
Man drove big tough farm truck. Backwards.
Truck hit older girl’s older car.
Older car died.
Really died.
Older girl was sad.

Mom and dad gave older girl like-newer old car.
Older girl smiled.

Mom and dad bought dad new old SUV.
Mom and dad smiled.


This is dad’s new old SUV. A 2006 Honda Pilot.

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