Do not fear

From one year ago. Still true.


Another meme that has a different meaning for us who have lost a child, parent, or spouse.

I am not unaware of the bad things that can happen. I knowthat bad things happen. People die! People I love! I know cancer, car wrecks, heart attacks, and murder happen every day. Death happens. I know it could happen again to someone I love.
And yet, I have stopped being afraid. I am no longer afraid of what could go wrong.

I have lived through the death of my son. My Lord was with me every step of this journey. He has been my refuge and my strength. He is my help in times of trouble. I know that He will never leave me or forsake me. I know that He is sovereign and nothing will befall me that has not gone through His loving hands first!

You don’t believe that?…

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2 thoughts on “Do not fear

  1. I have also lived through the death of a son. And even in all this God is never wrong! He is faithful and loving and makes a way through. He even supplies joy in new places.

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