From one year ago.

I’ve been a bit weepy the past few weeks. For many reasons. The loss of Andrew is only one.


Just a thought…

Maybe when I am a bit weepy over things said or songs sung…
Maybe when tears slip down my cheek as I watch my family play…
Maybe when my eyes leak at the mention of the cross
or the sight of a new born babe…
Maybe when I cry at sweet memories of days gone by
and those gone too soon….
Maybe when I weep at thoughts of the glory to come
and hope restored …

Maybe I am not in sin or faithless.
Maybe I do have the joy of the Lord.
Maybe I grieve as one who has hope is Christ.
Maybe I am trusting Jesus as I grieve,
as I miss those who have gone to be in His presence.
Maybe I am simply more tender now than I was before.
Maybe these tears are because Heaven is more real
now that many I…

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