A poem about overcoming the darkness. I wrote this two years ago.

This weekend I’m facing hard things. Jesus is still the light of the world, even when darkness tries to press us down. In this world we will have troubles, but He has overcome the world.


A fellow blogger wrote about feeling tired all the time. Depression over a long period.

I commented on his post. I realized as I typed my answer that I was writing a new poem.  I have revised what I originally wrote. I pray it helps him. I pray it helps you.

Tombstone Sunset


Tired? All the time?

My hands are tired.
My feet are tired.
My mind is tired.
My soul is tired.
My life is tired.

Have you ever felt this way?
Have you ever been depressed?
For a very long time?

Yes. I have felt this way.
For a very long time.
Darkness all around.
Cold, always cold.
Tired all the time.

It’s hard to accomplish anything when I’m depressed.
It’s hard to see in the darkness.
It’s hard to move in the cold.
It’s hard to lift my eyes unto the hills in the heaviness.
It’s hard…

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