Hard Trip.

Sometimes life is hard.

We had planned a weekend in Chattanooga.
Our weekend trip did not turn out as expected.
Not at all!

Late night driving after work.
To make second day easier.
So we could catch dinner with our kid.
We drove seven hours and enjoyed the time talking and traveling together.

Second day.
Car wrecks blocked our road.
Rain made winding detour dangerous.
Late arrival means missing appointments.
Fourteen hour drive became eighteen hours.
But we arrived safe.

Late night calls are not always good.
Sick kid.
She needed her daddy.
And her mom.
Very, very late night.
Not what we planned but we were glad to be there to love her.

Missed soccer game.
The main reason we came fourteen hours.
Well, eighteen with all the detours.
Again, not what we planned but we arrived safe and got to spend time with our daughter.

Cold. Wind.
Cold, windy morning spent watching little guys’ soccer games.
Amoeba ball.
Older grandson played well.
Glad we made it to both games. Glad we had jackets.

Then a late night.
Ugly discussion.
Hard things.
Talking through hard things.
I was ugly.
I’m sorry for that.
I’m glad he forgives me.
Third late night in a row.
Marriage is work. Love, work, forgiveness. Then we make up.

FYI. Don’t talk through hard thing when tired.

Late nights make mornings hard.
Too many late nights make mornings too hard.
I was sick.
Missed church.
Slept most of the day.
I had a safe, comfortable place to rest.

Riverboat ride with grandkids cancelled.
A second day to rest, read, and study.

Moved hotels.
More yuck.
Could be worse. I found the bug as soon as we got to the room. Changed hotel rooms. It happens. Even in very nice hotels.

Bible study orientation at PMI!
New study of Mark!
Seeing friends!
If only for the day, it’s great!
Learned new things. Saw friends. Got new study. Picked up materials for next study at home.

Ice cream with grandkids!
Cookies with daughter!
Ice cream at Clumpys. Cookies on the mountain. Both with people I love.

Soccer game cancelled.
We came for the two college soccer games.
Saw neither.
But we got to spend time with people we love.

We left town early since there is no game.
We didn’t have to drive late. And we got to sleep in a bit!

Driving down the mountain.
Flat tire.
Hello Walmart tire center.
Hello raging storm.
Hello buckets of rain.
I’m grateful we were not driving.
About the time the storm passed over the tire was ready. They were able to patch it. We were dry and safe.

Made it to Ron’s doctor appointment in Dallas early.
He’s released to start cycling again!!

Almost ran out of gas.
Just fifteen miles from home.
I didn’t want to stop.
I wanted to be home!
Stopped for gas at The Pecan Shed. I got fudge!

Almost nothing on the trip went as planned. Some hard things happened. Some very ugly, hard things. Things I can’t share.

But good things happened as well.

I’m grateful.

4 thoughts on “Hard Trip.

  1. Kandie, please pray for my Linda, her husband and her two boys (Tyler & Laith). They are stuck in Miami trying to avoid another terrible hurricane. They have battened down the hatches and tried to do what they can to save the house and stuff. Please pray for them and all the folks surrounding them. I can hardly think of the pearl they face. I need your help…. Mama Lane


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