What’s the Point of Pins?

I’ve been learning about Pinterest. And I’m sharing what I’m learning in hopes it will help others. I’m not an expert by any measurement.

I had a few readers tell me I should be on Pinterest. It would help get my blog articles “out there.” Pinterest would allow more people to hear what I have to say.

So I opened an account and began pinning.

I also began reading articles about Pinterest. I wanted to learn more about it.

It seems many of the articles are all about getting traffic on your boards. Not pinning good content. Simply pinning a bunch of pins and getting traffic.

One article I read said you should Pin 50-60 pins each day. That’s 350-400 pins per week. Who can possibly read that many articles or memes? Who can do that and have a life? The author said you don’t need to read all the articles or know what’s in them, just pin them if they look good.

She said the goal is to get more traffic, a lot more traffic. Thousands of pinners per day pinning your pins. Get people to repin more of your pins on their boards than they do other people’s pins. So you should pin pins on your boards from other pinners’ boards and hope they will pin your pins to their boards. Simple really.

But if everyone is repinning each other’s pins and no one is actually reading the articles…if no lives are being impacted or changed by what we write…if no one is being helped because they are so busy pinning other pins…if we as Christian bloggers are not glorifying Our Heavenly Father in what we write and share and pin…then what’s the point?

What is the point of pins?

What’s the point of writing a blog at all?

To get my name out there? To sell someone something they don’t need? The get them to like my writing? To share all the horrible things that happened to me and name names? To convince others to agree with my viewpoint regarding fashion or parents or politics?Matthew 6:33 www.kathleenbduncan.com

Shouldn’t we as bloggers who claim Christ be writing good content which helps others live better lives instead of simply chasing more pins, followers, and likes?

And as Christian who writes, shouldn’t I first spend time each day learning more about God?

Shouldn’t I first learn more about God by talking with Him and studying His Word? Shouldn’t I learn more about who He is, what He’s done, what He promises, and what our response to His truth should be? Shouldn’t I make knowing God and building my relationship with Him my priority?

And then write something of value.

Rather than writing to build a following or get more pins or like, perhaps I should write great content. Something that will bring others closer to God and help them live better lives. An article that will help us encourage one another in this world full of pain and heartache.

Whether I write about fashion, parenting, or great recipes, shouldn’t my first focus be on glorifying God in all I say and do? And in all I post or pin?

As a believer, as a follower of Christ, I am not my own. I am bought with a price. I was slave to sin – to pride, greed, lies, and self-promotion among other things – but now I am a servant of Christ. A child of God, yes! And a slave to righteousness.

Shouldn’t my words, written and spoken, reflect my position in Christ? Shouldn’t I care more about sharing the good news of the gospel of Christ than getting more pins?

8 thoughts on “What’s the Point of Pins?

    • Thank you.

      I thought maybe I was missing something when I read the first few articles. And many bloggers want to sell me a $300 “focus plan” to help get more traffics.

      I’m convinced I need to focus on my relationship with my Father.

      I’m glad you’re finding my posts encouraging. 😊

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      • I started my blog ONLY because God clearly led me to do so. I’ve never really been a writer so it was a big step of faith! I stared writing and then researching all the other parts of blogging– I got so overwhelmed! The Lord made it clear that I’m not to focus on doing it as the majority does. If I write the message I feel He wants me to write, I trust He will spread it to those who need it! And as you said, Seek Him first and the rest will be added. In His time and His way.

        Yes, so encouraging!!

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    • It seems to be a bondage many get into: sharing, pinning, promoting. But none of those are reasons I started blogging.

      I know I am fortunate that I do not have to rely on my blog or writing to pay the bills. But even for those who do, good content should the first goal. Promoting it should come second.

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