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Thank you for reading my blog and following my journey over the years.

This month is the fourth anniversary of my blog.

As I’ve walked through grief, my life and my writing have changed a bit. I don’t write specifically about child loss and grief as much as I did, but I still care about hurting people.

I desire to honor my family, glorify God, and share truth from His Word in a way that will help others heal from the hurts in their lives.

I write about my faith, my life, traveling, books, and whatever is going on in my world. I don’t write or post every day because some days I’m just too busy living life to write about it.

I do check in almost daily and I love seeing your comments!

I often retweet, pin, or share great articles on social media, even when I’m not writing here on WordPress. To be sure you don’t miss anything, follow me on social media.

Follow me on Facebook, click here and like my public page.

I’m also on Pinterest, where I share blogs, articles, memes, and pins by others in addition to my own writing.

My Twitter account is @kathleenbduncan

Again, thank you for being a part of life and my blog.

2 thoughts on “Follow Me on Social Media

  1. I began following your blog a little over 2 years ago, when a friend sent me your post, “What Bereaved Parents Want You to Know, but May Not Tell You” (hope I got that right!) I am a bereaved mom, and indeed, you have helped me in many ways in your posts about grief. And thank you for writing about the other areas of your life, because it encourages me to see how other parents walking this path keep on keeping on, walking in God’s grace every day to live out the rest of our days well, even without our precious child. So thank you, for ALL you do! Keep on keeping on! 🤗

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