Rotting Pumpkin

Ron Duncan wrote this three years ago. Was true for me as well. Still is.


The cute pumpkin carved by Margaret Duncan sat on our entry-hall table for a few days. Not something I focused on when leaving for work in a hurry, or coming home tired and hungry. Plus, I don’t like this “holiday”, so that contributed to my lack of awareness.

Today, I notice the pumpkin is slumpin’ – and moldy and rotting, and oozing this slimy mess onto Great-Grandmother’s antique marble-topped table.


What a poignant picture of our 2nd most popular U.S. holiday. Let’s celebrate death, decay, gore, and violence. Let’s portray these things as cute and festive and fun. Hey! – let’s use our children to celebrate these things. “Look, see my grandchild in their zombie make-up!” Let’s celebrate health and support a good cause by running a Zombie 5K.

You can call me a Debbie-Downer or religious kook, but I always thought this holiday was an example of our sickness.

However, once you see your son in a casket, it’s hard to get into the spirit of a “holiday” that celebrates death, decay, and gore.

I accept these as part of the human condition. However, this is not the whole story.

Christ took away the Sting of Death and the Victory of the Grave.

Through His grace, I have been, and I am being, and I will eventually completely be delivered from them. From death and the grave.

I will not celebrate them.


I have lost a son. I have seen him laying in a casket. I have visited his grave. I have lost many others I love. I’ve seen them in a casket. I’ve visited their grave.

Death, caskets, graves. These are not things to celebrate as fun and games to me. Not ever.

9 thoughts on “Rotting Pumpkin

  1. Kathleen, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of seeing your child in a casket. I can truly appreciate your aversion to this holiday. How true, that Christ has indeed taken away the sting of death; the victory of the grave! As I read those words, I was reminded that I wrote those very words in a song I composed for my uncle Randy when he passed away. I’m sharing the link here if you’d like to have a listen. May it bless you! And may you continue to find your strength in the arms of our Lord!

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