Start. Revive. Equip.

A friend asked us write what these three words mean in our lives today. Here is my response.

What if God told you to do something years ago and you never did it? Is it too late? Nope.

Start now. Start today. He told you to do it. Do you think He changed His mind or forgot simply because you were disobedient? He gave you instructions and is most likely waiting for you to obey. He didn’t forget what He told you to do.

“Repent” means to turn a different way, change your way of thinking, to line up with the truth of God’s Word.

So repent! Ask His forgiveness for your disobedience. Then do what He told you to do. Starting today. And get it done!

I know I’m supposed to read the Bible daily – just read it – but I haven’t done it in the past few years. I study a bunch. I lead studies. I’d been studying in preparation for last weekend. But I hadn’t been just reading my Bible daily.

On September first I started reading “In the beginning…”

I’d forgotten how beautiful it is to just read the Bible. Page by page, story by story, chapter by chapter.

Reading the Bible does revive my soul. Like no other book can – no study written by man and no devotional has the power the Bible has. It is life! It is GOD’s Word to us! These are not just words on paper! They are TRUTH! Truth to set us free in a broken world, a world that wants to bind us in slavery to itself.

At first it was slow going, but now, at the rate I’m reading, I’ll finish in the next couple of weeks.

I enjoy just reading. No taking notes. No looking up cross references. No studying. Just letting His Word sink in to my heart and mind as I read from left to right.

The stories are beautiful. Well, some of them. Some are ugly and gross but still true, and those show the heart of man without Christ. They show my heart the way it was without Christ.

His instructions are convicting and challenging; they equip me to do what God has called me to do. Some I can read and honestly say, “I’m doing this! I’m hitting the mark!” Today anyway. And by His grace, I’ll hit the mark tomorrow because I’ve been practicing obedience and righteousness in that area of my life.

Obedience is hard at first; practicing something new always is. But over time, as we practice doing the next right thing, we begin to enjoy not just the fruit of obedience but the act of obedience.

When we start to be obedient to what He told us to do it will revive our souls. Practicing obedience in every small thing will equip us to do the bigger things He has told us to do. Then we can start equipping others to do what He wants them to do. Together we can revive our community. One soul at a time.

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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