Kendall Presbyterian Church

We visited a small PCA church in Miami this morning. When traveling we like to find local churches to visit.

The pastor was great! He was a very good speaker. He taught on Luke 23 and brought out things I had not seen.

He also mentioned Chickamauga Battlefield. Chattanooga area.

After church we met some of the people. They were very kind and welcoming. So sweet!

One couple we met were Bob (89) & Margaret (81).They were married in the church where our Margaret attends! 60 years ago. They still own a house near the church on Lookout Mountain and visit there three or fours times each year. They like to spend summers on the mountain.

We ate lunch with them. Church had a lunch to raise money for Operation Christmas Child.

The guys got dessert first “in case they ran out food.” At a church lunch! Like that ever happens. And yes, they ate dessert again after lunch. My kind of people!

She had so much fun telling me about growing up on Lookout Mountain and attending that church. I loved listening. She knew on our son-in-law’s grandparents.

We laughed a lot.

He still plays golf three times a week. And carries his own clubs!

We exchanged numbers. I hope I’ll get to see them next time we are all in the Chattanooga area.

I love God’s people. It really is a small world.

If you are ever in Miami on a Sunday morning, check out Kendall Presbyterian Church. Great church. Great people.

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