My Pastor

We made it home early enough to attend Wednesday evening church.

Tonight I am thankful for

~ a pastor who is transparent and wise.

Transparency without wisdom can become messy ugly foolishness. Those who do not use wisdom in their transparency often share stories which are not theirs to share.

Wisdom without transparency can seem cold and uncaring. Those who are wise but allow no one in come across as lacking compassion.

Bob McCartney has wisdom regarding what and when to be transparent. He shows God’s compassion and grace as he shares his own story.

Tonight he shared another piece of his story. And how God is working through his family. I appreciate his transparency. And the wisdom he shows in choosing how much of his family life he shares publicly.

I am grateful he is our pastor.

2 thoughts on “My Pastor

  1. Very thought provoking. I can definitely remember times when I have shared wisdom without being vulnerable enough to share my experiences to back it up. I can imagine that leaves people feeling like the standard is much too high to meet in real life.

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