30 Day Challenge

The 30 day minimalist challenge is very popular. The idea is to simply your life by getting rid of things your don’t need or love.

Day One you pick one thing to get rid of. Day Two, two things. And so on until Day 30 when you get rid of 30 things. By the end of the month you will have ridden your home, work space, or car of hundreds of unneeded items.

Ideas on where to start?

  • Clean out expired medicines.
  • Clean out your glove compartment and throw away old insurance and registration papers.
  • Get rid of too small or too big clothes. Donate them to the local thrift store.
  • Clothing with holes or stains can be tossed.
  • That pile of unmatched socks, the one that just keeps growing….toss it. Or spend thirty minutes ONLY and match what you can then throw away the rest.
  • Recycle boxes from items you received for Christmas.
  • Or that old computer box.
  • Have a drawer or cabinet full of table cloths or placemats you never use? Donate them! Someone else will enjoy using them.
  • Go through your closets and get rid of all the empty hangers.
  • Go through your junk drawer (we all have at least one! Get rid of old twisty ties, pens that don’t work, and power cords you don’t use.
  • Do you have a cabinet full of candles and candle holders you never use? Box them up and the them to the thrift store for some other family to enjoy.

Each of these ideas would take less than an hour, some five minutes. You can declutter and simplify your life.

I keep a box in the garage where I put items to give away. There is a thrift store near the grocery store where I shop. It supports our local homeless shelter. I decided last year I can’t buy groceries without taking at least one item to the thrift store. It’s helped me get rid of many unused items.

Today I threw away a few bottles of expired over the counter medicines.

I’ll be posting about my clean out daily.

Join in the fun, won’t you? What can you get rid of today? Comment with what you cleaned out or the one thing you’re getting rid of today.

22 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

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  8. Love this idea! I struggle with keeping certain things (especially clothes and cardboard boxes–weird, I know). Might just have to try this out so my husband and I can simplify our life as we transition into spring soon! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  9. Hello Miss Kathleen – Day 1 I got rid of some of the fear I had for climbing rocks. After falling, while hiking, over two years ago (Feb. 16th, 2015) in which I broke my leg very badly. I have been working on listening to the doctor(s) which included not walking for 4 months and two major surgeries 9-months apart. I was really “off my game” for a year and it’s taken me most of the 2nd year to feel like I have regained “me” physically. And Yesterday (Day 1) I climbed a set of rocks, worked through and got rid of some of my fear that I would fall again! The fear was not benefiting me any more. So some, not all, but some of that fear is gone! Gone so I can de-clutter the rest of my life. Funny how that works.

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    • Most Americans do. We have so much stuff that the storage building rental business is thriving! What’s up with that? We keep building more places to store the stuff we don’t use. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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