30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 3

30 Day Challenge

Three more pots/lids out the door.

When we had seven kids at home, I needed more pots. With just two of us here most of the time, I don’t need three of each size so out they go!

What are you cleaning out today?

Remember, you’ll have three types of items: Toss, Sell, Give away.

  1. Throw away. Torn, stained, or broken items should be thrown away. If you haven’t repaired it by now, you never will. And no one else wants your broken junk. Throw it away!
  2. Valuable items you don’t use anymore. You may want to sell these. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories can be taken to a local consignment store. Be sure the items don’t fit into category one! The stores won’t sell torn or stained clothes or broken jewelry because no one will buy them! You may find a local trade/sell Group on Facebook for selling furniture or appliances.
  3. Give away. Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your local women’s shelter are good options for give away items. If an appliance doesn’t work or a game is missing pieces, be sure to mark them. Put masking tape on them to let the buyer know. Yes, some people buy things for DYI projects.

You may want to grab a big box for Give Away items and set it in the garage. As you find items to give away, put them in the box. Weekly or monthly you can take your box to the local thrift store!

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