30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 7

Day 7 of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge

Old workout clothes. They are still in great shape: no tears or stains. But they don’t fit me and I don’t use them.

Two pairs of shorts, two pairs of yoga pants, and a few shirts. That was the beginning of my pile.

Have you gone through your closet yet? Pick out 7 t-shirts or 7 pairs of sock that you don’t wear. Get rid of them! Simplify!

Has the thought of saving all these items for a garage sale entered your mind? NO! Don’t do it! Don’t save all this stuff until next spring!!

Put that Give Away box in your car now! Take a few minutes to drive to a local charity thrift store and donate that stuff!

Then sit down and add your Sell items to EBay, Craig’s List, or the local Facebook trading group.

Do not wait! Do it today!

8 thoughts on “30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 7

  1. Miss Kathleen – Over the weekend I cleaned my garage. I gave away a TV, an piece of exercise equipment (it helped me when I needed it and I am past the use of it), a box full of “Christmas lights” (I’ve been told our house used to be able to be seen from space – LOL), I gave away 8 boxes of Christmas bulb decorations, and I discarded items that were trash and un-giftable. I contacted a friend who I recently was able to hand off bags of good clothing to… to see if the woman’s shelter, that burnt down out here in California, could use some additional items. If they can’t, I will be dropping them off at another site this week. :]

    More to come.

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  2. I’m hoping our house is one! Someone is coming to see it today! In the meantime, I have more than seven things planned to go out the door today. Great post! Really funny because my old work out clothes are leaving too! Great minds think alike!

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