30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 9

Do you have nine things you can throw away, shred, or get rid of from your home office?

I cleaned out the storage cabinet in my home office today. Definitely more than nine items in the “Outta Here!” pile.

After piling all these items on the floor, I organized what was left in the cabinet. I love having things organized! I now have room in the cabinet for some of my “Must Keep” items piled on shelves around my desk!

Yes, the goal of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge is to reduce the amount of unused and unloved stuff we have in our lives. But as we reduce unused and unloved items, we can better organize the items we do use, love, and need. Perhaps today you can spend twenty or thirty minutes organizing a cabinet.

Just a side note…

We can clean out of lives spiritually as well. Do you have junk you’ve been carrying around? Guilt? Shame? Anger? Fear?Perhaps it’s time to let those things go as well. Just a thought.

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