30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 14

I’m not sure I completely followed the rules of this 30 Day Challenge today. The idea is to minimize the amount of stuff you have in your house by removing things you don’t use or love.

Well…I don’t love moldy food. So I think the fourteen things I got rid of today count.

I cleaned out the fridge. Both fridges, in fact. Like many large families, we have an extra fridge (a very old fridge) in our laundry room.

I realized it’s been two weeks since New Year’s Eve. And three weeks since Christmas Eve. And I had tubs of leftovers for those two events. Food that has been in the extra fridge. Uneaten and becoming moldy.

Rather than sharing pictures of moldy food, I’m sharing this beautiful picture:

I threw out at least fourteen smushed grapes, moldy tomatoes, plastic tubs of leftovers, jars of old salad dressing, and limp pieces of veggies. I cleaned at least that many stains from the refrigerators as well.

What did you clean today? What did you throw out, donate, or sell today?

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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