Will Muslims, Mexicans, and My daughter be forced to wear visible ID badges?

This is thought-provoking. On MLK Day, think a bit. How do you treat others who don’t look on the outside just like you?

Cindy DeBoer

I recently met an Armenian woman. She wore the traditional hijab and jellaba – the head covering and long flowing coat typical for Middle Eastern women and often associated with Islam.   Her skin was dark tan and her deep brown eyes were lined with kohl. She looked strikingly similar to every other Muslim woman I had met while living in Morocco. But instead of following the teachings of Muhammad, she worshipped Jesus.

images-1Selma is a Christian – yet dressed in the traditional Armenian attire encouraged by her Armenian Apostolic church . She educated me on the plight of Armenian Christians from Turkey.  Selma’s great-grandparents fled the country in the early 1900’s escaping a violent genocide under Ottoman rule, making Selma a fourth generation American.

She shared how she is still persecuted here in America. She has been scorned, mocked, spit upon, and even been rejected service in restaurants and stores…

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2 thoughts on “Will Muslims, Mexicans, and My daughter be forced to wear visible ID badges?

  1. This such a thought provoking article on a very difficult subject. I have been watching the news here in the UK, of the plight of the Rohingya. Thousands of people existing on the margin. A woman gave birth without help on a mud floor after fleeing for her life. Her child now stateless, with no country accepting to register that new life. What has this world become? Fear is breeding more fear. Will humanity ever learn & change?

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