30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 16

Sixteen kitchen gadgets, baskets, and serving dishes are going to the charity thrift store.

I cleaned one drawer in the kitchen and found a few gadgets that are broken; I threw those away. I also found a few we never use; these will be donated.

I also looked through the shelves and storage area of my laundry room. A few baskets, still in nice condition, I put in the give away pile. I have a few plate platters we used these for parties, to make the buffet look nice. I haven’t used them in years, so they are being donated.

I found two pretty casserole dishes I’d forgotten about. I bought them at a garage sale about four years ago. I haven’t used them but I love them. So I’m keeping them. And I moved them into a cabinet in the kitchen where I’ll remember them and use them.

I broke the rules a bit today. I removed 16 items from my kitchen I use and love.

Yes, I cleaned out 16 items from my kitchen and pantry/storage.

I also found some canned goods and boxed pasta. Sixteen canned goods and pasta I do use and love. I took them to the local food bank.

Families are hungry all year, not just during the holidays.

Do you have an extra sixteen cans of veggies or fruit you could give? What about a couple of bags of beans? Or pasta? Or soups? Consider donating to your local food bank.

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