Missing Out

If you liked the quote about a Pastor’s Job I posted the other day, you should check out Roach Ramblings Nathan Roach. He is in his early 20’s yet writes with zeal and wisdom.

I must admit I smile when I think of driving him to football practice with my son years ago. To see these young boys grow into godly men makes me smile. They are both helping young people overcome the struggles of every day life. Nathan as a youth pastor and Peter as a cheer coach. I think it makes God smile as well.

Here is what he posted today:

When we build a youth ministry around fun, entertainment, and being relevant, we end up doing our students a disservice. The Christian walk is one of difficulty (it’s hard to be disciplined and live like Jesus), service, and suffering.

I’ve definitely had fun walking with Christ. Yet a foundation in fun rather than Scripture may lead to short-term excitement, but it will create few long-lasting disciples.

Build your ministry on Scripture.

And here is his post from Monday: Missing Out

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