Coaching, and Leading Bible Study

My son is a coach. He works with junior high and high school students, many of whom act in foolish ways because they are young and ignorant, not stupid but untutored. Yet they are his students precisely because they want to learn.

He posted this last weekend:

“I’ve found if I don’t deeply respect my athletes and admit my failures when I don’t, then I have no chance of making a positive difference as a coach…..”

It got me thinking about how I lead Bible study. And my attitude towards the women in my class.

Do I love and respect the women in my class? Do I show them I care about them? Do I listen to their thoughts as we discuss each passage? Even the ones who may seem immature and ignorant of the Word? Do I view all those in my class as precious children of God, worthy of love and respect?

If not, I have little chance of making a positive difference as a discussion leader.

As I pray for my class and those who are new to Bible study, I am reminded that I, too, was once ignorant of truth – not stupid, but untutored. And I am reminded they are in my class because they want to learn.

Not too many years ago, I was ignorant. I had no idea how to study the Bible but wanted to learn.

A friend invited me to a six week study in her home. She cared about me and my family. She patiently and lovingly taught me to study the Bible inductively. She taught me how to learn truth for myself directly from God’s Word. She answered my questions about how to study, and she encouraged me to dig deeper. She did this with each student in her class. She modeled for me not only how to study, but also how to lead.

As we start a new semester of studies, I pray that I will be like her. I pray that I will truly care about the women in my class and that I will treat each of them with honor and respect as they learn to study God’s Word for themselves.

6 thoughts on “Coaching, and Leading Bible Study

    • It is my passion!

      I didn’t learn to study the Bible until I was 48 years old. I love seeing women like a gal I’ll call Mary – early twenties, first year in the Air Force, young marriage. She loves Jesus and serving others. She helps lead the songs at church but had never done a bible study in her life until this weekend. She is learning how to study the Bible and discover truth for herself directly from God’s Word. This will be powerful for her as she lived out her faith.

      I’m honored to be on an Air Force Base leading a weekend conference for the women of the chapel. I’m honored to support these women who serve our country.

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