30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 20

About four years ago, a friend was closing her Discovery Toys business. Her family was moving oversees and she couldn’t take her inventory with her. I bought a couple of tubs of toys for practically nothing.

The tubs contained duplicates and triplicates of mostly new toys. I pulled out toys I knew my grandchildren would love and gave a few away to friends with foster babies.

The rest of the toys went into the back of a closet.

As part of my purge, I decided it is time to give away the rest of these toys.

We know many families involved in the foster care system.

The children in the system usually come to their foster family with only the clothes on their back. They don’t arrive with a suitcase because they have nothing to put in it. They have no clothes or toys. The clothes they do get once in foster care are usually second-hand.

One amazing mom in our community always has foster kiddos in her home. Plus she helps as many others as she can. Last fall she organized a collection of holiday clothes for the foster children in our community. She rallied others to give to these children. Every child in the foster system in our community received a brand new holiday outfit! Plus they each received a new coat!

I called this superwoman and told her I have toys. I asked if she could get them to foster families to give to children in the system. Of course she can.

I could have sold these toys on eBay. But I would much rather give them to families who are caring for these children – children who have been through unimaginable tragedies. I’m grateful I’m able to help in this tiny way.

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