30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 21

Today I sorted through my costume jewelry: bracelets, pins, necklaces, and earrings. Actually, I finished sorting through my costume jewelry.

I’m taking the jewelry I don’t keep to a local consignment store.

I started sorting through the beads and baubles on day 13. I found a few broken earrings and a bracelet which I threw away. A few items were easy to put in the purge pile. And I have some pieces I wear often or with special outfits; these I’m definitely keeping.

But the rest of my jewelry, especially some of the earrings, was hard to sort through. I had a hard time deciding what to keep and what to purge. So I put them up. I closed my jewelry box and went on to another task.

Each day I’ve looked at my earrings as I chose which pair to wear that day. Most of my earrings are just costume pieces, like you might buy at Clair’s. Some days I put a pair of earrings or a pin in the purge bag; other days I decided on a piece to definitely keep.

Still, some pieces I just couldn’t decide on whether to keep or purge. I have earrings that I loved when I got them; I wore them a lot for a few years, but I haven’t worn then in quite a while. They are not at all in style now; they belong back in the 90’s. But I still love them!

Finally, I decided to pick a few pairs to let go and to keep only two pairs of the outdated earrings I love even though I don’t wear them. Maybe I’ll let them go next time I’m purging.

The same is true for some of my necklaces. But I don’t wear necklaces with big beads, so why have I kept them? I see other women wearing necklaces like these and they look great, but they just aren’t my style. I’m selling three. I’ll keep the others for now.

As we purge items that are broken, unused, or unloved, we need to remember it’s okay to keep things we love, even if we don’t use them very often. Or at all.

I hope someone enjoys the pieces of jewelry I’m giving away. I hope they wear them and feel beautiful in them.

(The bracelet in the picture is not mine. I love the colors!.)

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