Grand Forks, North Dakota

This weekend I am in Grand Forks, North Dakota at Grand Forks Air Force Base. My friend Casey invited me to a women’s conference here.

Along with the women of the Prairie Rose Chapel, I will be studying Living a Life of True Worship tonight and tomorrow. This 40-Minute Study is written by my friends Kay Arthur, Bob and Diane Vareen. We will complete this six weeks study in just one weekend!

Today the leadership team decorated the space and went over the worship songs and the schedule for the conference. We also prayed for each woman registered for the event.

Tonight we start with worship songs then the wing chaplain’s wife will give a brief introduction to inductive bible study. After that we will jump right in to Lesson One! I’ll be leading the lessons.

Tomorrow we will cover lessons two through six.

Saturday evening after dinner, I’ll be sharing the story of how knowing truth from God’s Word carried me through storms. We will have a time of prayer afterwards.

I’ll be standing in the wings praying for the leadership. They will be the ones praying with individual women who ask for prayer. I want these women to look to their own leadership for prayer and guidance, not me, and to know these ladies love them and want to serve them.

Sunday we will all attend the morning chapel service. Part of my goal is to help the women plug into the local body, to develop relationships, and walk together through the storms and the calm.

We are having lunch together and local bible study leaders will share about the women’s studies that will be offered at the chapel this spring, including the Precept Upon Precept study of Ephesians.

Lastly, I’ll spend some time wrapping up the weekend, reviewing what we learned and the basics of inductive bible study. I’ll encourage them to join one of the studies being offered and to become part of a local body if they aren’t already.

Then I’m taking a nap.

Here are a few pictures of the set up. The coffee bar is almost finished. We just need to add cookies, chocolate, and other snacks.

We are expecting about 30 women. Tables are all set. The chapel is providing childcare for about 15 children as well.

I love the place settings! Each lady will take home her study, new colored pencils, and a bandanna.

You might notice the bandannas and much of the decor on the coffee bar came from my attic. I cleaned it out as part of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge.

I am honored to be spending the weekend with women who serve in the US Air Force or are married to airmen, teaching them to learn truth for themselves directly from God’s Word.

Note: Contact me if you are interested in hosting a conference like this one. I love spending time with sisters in Christ studying His truth.

2 thoughts on “Grand Forks, North Dakota

    • Thank you. I am loving my time here!

      I’m not a military wife, but I am a Marine Mom. I have many friends who are in the military or married into the military. I love them dearly. Getting to spend time with women who serve and support those who serve is an honor.

      Plus we had cheesecake!!


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