30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 27

Do you have 27 items you no longer need or want? What 27 things will you donate, sell, or throw away today?

Last week I slowly went through my craft supplies. I found this set of metallic pencils and a set of watercolor crayons. Both are from Stampin Up and are good quality yet I never use them. I know a sweet ten year old who loves to draw. I gave both sets to her. Actually, I have them to her mom who’s saving them until her daughter’s birthday.

I’m counting them as Day 27 for a couple of reasons: 1) There are more than 27 pencils and crayons, and 2) It took me way more than 27 minutes to decide if I should give these away.

I love these crayons. I love the idea of creating beautiful watercolor art with them. But reality is that I have owned these for more than ten years and never used them. It’s just not right for me to hoard art supplies I never use when I know talented people who will use them.

And maybe, just maybe they’ll create a lovely piece of art for me to hang on my wall.


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