30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 30

If you stuck with me this long you should be very proud! And your home should be a bit cleaner and less cluttered than it was a month ago.

I have cleaned out our attic, kitchen, and junk drawers. Party decorations and favors, old pots and pans, and various knickknacks we no longer love were given away to folks who will use them. Car seats were given to two families who needed them.

My office filing cabinet, storage cabinet, and shelves have been organized. I shredded old documents and files.

In my bedroom I cleaned the storage boxes under the bed, went through my costume jewelry, and purged my closet.

Bathroom cabinets and drawers were gone through, expired medicines and old makeup thrown away.

I went through book shelves and gave away dozens of books.

In the laundry room I cleared out the cleaning products I no longer use and threw away worn out tools.

I’ve gone through my craft cabinets and given away boxes of fabric and other craft items. 30 sets of rubber stamps I no longer love went to a family who will use and enjoy them.

This has been a great way to start then new year!

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