Go To the Funeral

My thoughts today. As yet another family prepares to bury their son.


Yes, it’s hard. No, it’s not convenient.

But think how hard it is for his parents!

Your presence shows them they are loved. Even if you did not know their child, if you are invited…go. Show them you care. Show them their child matters.

And pray for them. This is probably the hardest thing they have ever done. They need prayer.

It’s inconvenient for you? Imagine how inconvenient it is to bury your child, to plan a service, to pick a burial plot, to choose the clothes he will wear.

Seriously. I heard someone not too long ago say he “just couldn’t go to the funeral because it’s too hard.”

Was it too hard for Jesus to love you enough to go the cross? Was the timing inconvenient for Him? Yet He loved you enough to lay down His life for you.

Perhaps you could lay down your life for one afternoon to love a grieving family.

Just my thoughts today.

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